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KISS and makeup

Posted on 2010.11.07 at 20:07
Current Mood: artistic
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Been on a KISS kick lately.. found suggestive demon/spaceman pics.. made graphics :)

Why isnt there a fandom for this?! o.O

Devious Journal Entry

Posted on 2010.11.01 at 22:38
Current Mood: artistic

Nurse Chibiusa - Pond-ering
by ~Risky-chan on deviantART

Devious Journal Entry

Posted on 2010.11.01 at 22:37

This was my Halloween

If anyone cares :)

Posted on 2010.10.29 at 21:19
i hate my life

AF NO..way in hell....

Posted on 2010.08.05 at 18:26
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

Well.. this is going to be the first year Ive ever missed AFO. But whatever powers that be  (and hate me) made bloody well sure of this. I now have the burden of dissapointing my bestfriend and flushing her dreams down the toilet.. because circumstances destroyed that one little ray of light in our lives.  Now shes going to hate me for being to unfufil my promise that i would get her there.. I suck.

My boss basically said (im cutting your hours, or your fired) in so many words. I have negative -14 in the bank till monday. Yes monday.. When I go back to work..

AFO friday... funny ill be off. At home.. while everyone else is having a blast.  A day I normally would be at work, I will be sitting at home, with no where to go and nothing to do.. and no money to do anything with. Funny how a little thing like getting one day cut from your week and you lose just enough money to squeek rent and a car payment by. and now have an over draft of 14 dollars.. and upset friends.

Thanks James...



Birthday Blunders

Posted on 2010.08.01 at 13:53
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
    Yesterday was my birthday. Yep, turned 26. Considered too young by those older than me, and old by kids who I find myself complaining about because in my day we had good cartoons and blah blah rant rant.. like my grandparents, aunts, parents, and so on do.  I was carded last night  for buying a lottery ticket by a woman who looked to be in her mid 60's... lottery. You have to be 18 to buy lottery, and im 26. I have bags under my eyes and getting a wrinkled forehead from worries... I know I dont look that young. I left my ID with Ted and I whined "really? Do I REALLY look that young? I'm 26 today. It's my birthday and my id is over there with him an d I was born in 1984.. so do the math. " I shouldnt have snapped  but I had a really irritating birthday ...this is what happened, starting the evening before... the 30th... right after I got out of work.:

//Flash Back//

Of course to start, I was told I could leave early and didn't really leave early.My boss paid me for the week and I told Ted the minute I got into the car "Bank". Everything was great, I felt fantastic because I knew it was the start of my birthday weekend. I had so much planned to do for my birthday. I was going to throw myself a little cosplay shoot, and I was going to buy new shoes!  Simple enough right..how could this not go as planned?

And as we sat in the drive thru of the nearest bank we belong to, we heard this strange clunking sound under the hood of our, still not  finished being paid for, rav4.. we realized we just lost a belt. And thus begins the chain of events setting our scene for july 31st...
The car seemed to drive OK, even with the belt gone.. save for the hot air that pumped from the vents.. so we assumed " the belt was an AC belt. No biggie"  we went to get some party supplies. (whole foods style..import beer) and on the way home... Ted murmurs "uh oh that's not good, the battery light just came on"

For the second time since the belt snapped, I started to tear up " .. it was the alternator belt" I whimpered... "my birthday is ruined!" I whined, knowing that if the car wasn't working, I had to fix it (costs money that I was saving!) and its rare when mechanics work on weekends..

After a long evening of moping on and off, and going to bed earlier than one might on a birthday weekend, I got up early to get the day underway.. Ted found that Firestone on \basically the corner of 436 and oxford was opened since 7 am on Saturday.. I called them and they quoted me 107 for the whole job. That was reasonable I determined (and if it wasn't, I didn't have much of a choice)  so I asked them if they could take our car now.. and they told me to come in. So After a killer breakfast ((Eggs and a Buffalo Sausage with a heart made of Yolk  Pic coming soon)) we left for the mechanic.

Mom followed us all the way there in case we needed to jump the car.  We didn't, and once there safely mom went back home so she could get ready for work.

We were there for an hour or so.. and instead of 107 like I was quoted.. it came to $226!!! Why? Because it was both belts in the rav that needed replacing. they were falling apart.. we could have died! Well maybe maybe not.. its still best to replace belts together or so I'm told.

Still that's almost a weeks pay. That was money I had set aside and now? gone! Poof! Stupid car!

But hey.. at least the car was working now.. so we decided to go ahead with birthday plans....

No shoes, no clothes, nothing.. no store had anything I wanted. Hot topic was cold, static was frizzled out and really had no deals, and Ross was a wash out.  Did get my free birthday meal at the Chinese buffet but i wasn't that hungry when we went since it was only a few hours after breakfast... so I didn't eat as much as I normally would have .

And then Albertsons where I spent almost 70 bucks on HALF a weeks worth of groceries, and bought 5 bucks in worthless lottery tickets that the lady carded me for...

which about brings us back up to speed..

//End Flash back//

So Happy Birthday?


you decide...

Computer Malfuck-tions

Posted on 2010.07.28 at 17:58
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: Ted playing keyboard
For days my mothers laptop had been completely unusable.. UN-USABLE!!!!!

I finally got it to factory restore, so now crisis has been averted and I didn't have to blow money on computer repairs. :)

My company made no sales today... my boss offered me a day off... (unpaid..) .... ug doesnt sound good .

Intelligent... bugs?

Posted on 2010.07.07 at 19:56
Current Mood: amusedamused
So, lately... in the yard.. we see these weird bugs eating holes in the plant out there.. They are pretty, and creepy at the same time:

Well Ted and I were out in the yard today and one of them was walking in the dirt. So we kind did the half bend/squat manuver and stared at it.. Going " awww look at the way it walks!" and I dont know why.. but it came over to us then.. tilted its head back and looked at us ... for a good few moments too it was just watching us talk to it......

then it got board.. and turned around and walked away..


Anyone know what it is? Should we flee? Or is it harmless.. but personally I think its cute in a creepy way.


Posted on 2010.06.20 at 16:54
PS.... i havent worked at BAM since april.. im a webdesigner now :)

Posted on 2010.06.20 at 16:48
Current Mood: blahblah
The Bad
Damn Gilligans island cable kept me offline today , i didn't save the numbre sam gave me in the phone... and i cant get a hold of her any other way. so im screwed. I couldnt even find out if she wanted to go hang out today because of it.

I'm having the suckiest sunday ever...

The Ugly

Don't these bites look AWWFUL? Hard to believe they are three mosquito bites. For a while there I really wasn't sure.

The Good
Been watching a lot of Clint Eastwood movies lately......... so I've developed quite the little clint obsession, and that was'nt an easy task being I usually hate westerns. But if hes in it.. Ive been enjoying them

Oh yeah... and have a random (bad)  picture of me!!

When i have something important to report.. ill come back :/

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